PDM School of Pharmacy offers quality education in the field of Pharmacy leading to at Bachelor Degree.


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Our library is an excellent collection of information, sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is housed. The library plays a vital role in supporting teaching and learning activities. The Institute has a central library having a collection of Books and Journals from National and International publishers in different disciplines. We offers free electronic access of database to staff members & students. A Book bank facility is provided to students for the full academic year.


Present Status of Library


Total Books5213
Total Titles642
Total Journals32
Newspapers & Magazines3 + 2
Educational CD / DVDs / Audio Cassettes25



List of Journals and Magazine available in the Institute Library

• International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science & Nanotechnology– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Journal of Natural Product– (MONTHLY)– Pharmacognosy
• International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmaceutics
• International of Green Pharmacy– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences– (BIO–MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education & Research– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Indian Drug– (MONTHLY)– Pharmacognosy
• Current Research & Information on Pharmaceutical Sciences– (BI–MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Indian Journal of Pharmacology– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmacology
• Indian journal of Pharmacognosy– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmacognosy
• Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy– (BI–MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Natural Product and Resources– (BI–MONTHLY)– Pharmacognosy
• Journal of Natural Remedies– (HALFYEARLY)– Pharmacognosy
• Current Sciences– In 15 Days– Pharmaceutics
• Journal of Scientific & Industrial research– (MONTHLY)– Pharmachemistry
• Indian Journal of Chemistry–A– (MONTHLY)– Pharmachemistry
• Indian Journal of Chemistry–B– (MONTHLY)– Pharmachemistry
• Indian Journal of Experimental Biology– (MONTHLY)– Pharmacology
• Journal of intellectual property Rights– (BI–MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts– (BI–MONTHLY)– Pharmacognosy
• The Indian Pharmacist– (MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Pharma Times– (MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Indian Drug Review– (BI–MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Indian Journal of Biotechnology– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmacognosy
• The Pharma Review– (BI–MONTHLY)– Pharmaceutics
• The Indian Journal of Technical Education– (QUARTERLY)– Pharmaceutics
• Pharmabiz– (WEEKLY)– Misc.
• CIMS– (MONTHLY)– Pharmacology
• Express Pharma– Fortnight– Magazine