PDM School of Pharmacy offers quality education in the field of Pharmacy leading to at Bachelor Degree.


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Computer lab:

The computer lab caters to the need of faculty and the students for their research and teaching The main features of computer lab include 65 computers of industry standards(P-IV multimedia work station) with 24hr internet facility backed up with high speed RF link(256kbps) and latest softwares.



Animal House:

Animals like Albino rats, Albino mice, Guinea pigs and Rabbits are housed in a neatly maintained animal house as per CPCSEA norms under the supervision of a Veterinarian.




The museum of the college is well maintained with various crude drugs, cosmetics & dosage forms


Herbal Garden:

The medicinal plant garden has been created for the cultivation and presentation of important medicinal flora. The garden has been making significant practical contribution to manifold the effects of curriculum based lectures on pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and pharmacology.