PDM School of Pharmacy offers quality education in the field of Pharmacy leading to at Bachelor Degree.


Our Visitors

Pharmaceutics Labs



Apparatus in Lab: Distillation plant, Electric Water Bath, Hot Air Oven, Electronic Balance, Clarity Test Apparatus, Autoclave, Anderson Pipette, Sintered Glass Crucible Filtration, Bulk Density Digital Apparatus, IR Moisture Balance, Suppository molds etc.


Microbiology Lab:


Apparatus in lab: Laminar Air Flow, BOD Incubators, Autoclaves, Oven, Colony Counter, Refrigerator, Microscope, Turbidity Meter, Micro Membrance Filter, pH Meter etc.


Machine Room:


Apparatus: Tablet Compression Machine, Ampoule Filling and Sealing Device, Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine, Disintegration Test Unit, Dissolution Apparatus (6 basket), Silverson Emulsifier, Tablet Hardness Tester, Venturi Meter, Tripple Roller Mill, Ball Mill, Sieve Shaker etc.